Date of next Council General Meeting  -  Please note the meeting will commence at 18:30 and be held by videoconference

22 June 2020     agenda not yet available

Schedule of meetings for 2020 (all subject to confirmation)

27 July 2020     24 August 2020      21 September 2020     26 October 2020     23 November 2020     21 December 2020


  COVID-19   Update


GCC is issuing twice weekly updates on related news in the county...

GCC Corvid-19 update dated 22 May 2020

Previous reports, where available, can be found here


Bank Holiday May 25 waste collection schedule can be found here

Household Recycling Centres -  ** PRESS RELEASE ** centres have reopened - see here

Bulky Item Collection -  ** Press Release ** service has restarted - see here

Age UK Gloucestershire have produced this document with ideas on how they can support you during the lockdown period. There are also links in the document to their full web site.

The Long Table Tewkesbury - Locally prepared meals are available for delivery to the home - Flyer here - moe information here

Government grants to business are being paid. Over £300m has already been paid. If eligible you should apply - see here

Home Assistance for parishioners who are self-isolating in the wider parish is being co-ordinated by the Chairman of the council - see here. If you are able to volunteer to provide help or if you need assistance please contact John Hargreaves either by phone on 07747 182580 or by email   (click the address to send an email)

Home assistance for Pamington Residents who are self-isolating - see here

Assistance & advice is also available from the Gloucestershire's Community Help Hub - more information available here

Parking charges in car parks owned and managed by TBC have been suspended - more information available here


   Warm & Well

Tewkesbury BC supports a County wide scheme to provide free energy advice to help people to stay warm and well in their homes.  This ranges from simple changes you can make, to helping you access grants for insulation or providing information about renewable technologies. We can help you reduce your energy bills, switch your energy tariff or supplier, and help you find local installers and tradespeople.  They can offer a free home energy visit and assist in accessing grants and funding.

You can find further information by following this link or by calling one of the Warm and Well Advisors free on 0800 500 3076.




Scam phone calls & emails

There have been recent scam phone calls received in the parish. There are many types of calls and with different techniques. If you receive a call asking you to take some action or to connect your computer to a particular website from someone you don't knnow be very wary. Here are some examples....

BBC TV Licence

An email saying that payment for your licence has failed and instructing you to follow a link to arrange a new direct debit. Very likely to be a fraud and if you do set up a link at the very least you will not see your money again. Worst case malicious software could be loaded on to your computer. Check details of your licence very carefully and contact TV Licensing  directly, not through the link in the email.


These calls take the form of a recorded message alledgedly from a card provider such as VISA saying that there are concerns over a particular transaction. You may be asked to press a button on your phone if the card use was not yours. The advice is not to respond to anything in the phone call but to hang up and to call your own bank or card provider.

Inland Revenue

Beware of calls claiming to be from the Inland Revenue leaving messages asking you to ring back. These come with a threat of taking you to court soon if you don't respond. DON'T ring the number back as this is a scam and you will be charged a lot of money per minute for the call. The taxman will not ring you in this manner. If you need more reassurance ring your tax office on it's normal number.


Calls are also being recieved ostensibly from BT claiming that telephone and internet services will be cut off next day. Also emails saying that with leaving the EU new data protection laws must be approved and asking the recipient to click on a link. These should all be ignored.


Recent calls claiming to be related to renewal of Amazon Prime. Amazon would not contact you this way.



  For details of the Parish Council's revised Taxi Voucher scheme see Travel Vouchers




  Tewkesbury shopper service - here for more information


picks you up from home on a Friday morning.





If you would like to have your local parish news or event added here please use this link to send the details


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