Ashchurch Rural Neighbourhood Development Plan

Plus details of the 2023 Review

On 28th July 2022 the referendum for Ashchurch Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) secured a majority vote required for Tewkesbury Borough Council to use the plan to help it decide planning applications in the parish. The NDP then went on to Full Council and was formally ‘made’ (adopted as policy) on the 27th September 2022. This means that the NDP must be taken into account by developers and planners alike when considering future projects. It applies to both planning applications and designs of permitted development and must address key issues such as impact on traffic, the rural aesthetic of the area and the needs of the community.

Now, in 2023, the first Plan requires revision to take into account the Tewkesbury Garden Town and make it more appropriate for use in the Parish. These documents are related to this process...

  Ashchurch Rural Parish - Neighbourhood Development Plan Review

  Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

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The published Neighbourhood Development Plan and associated documents can all be viewed on the TBC website here

Details of the original plan referendum can be seen here



Neighbourhood planning is a right for communities introduced through the Localism Act 2011. Communities can shape development in their areas through the production of Neighbourhood Development Plans (often referred to simply as Neighbourhood Plans), Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders.

Neighbourhood Plans become part of the Local Plan and the policies contained within them are then used in the determination of planning applications. Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders allow communities to grant planning permission either in full or in outline for the types of development they want to see in their areas.

Policies produced cannot block development that is already part of the Local Plan. What they can do is shape where that development will go and what it will look like.