St Nicholas Church


The church is a historic feature of Ashchurch. Construction began in 1092 and consecration was in 1121. Many partly carved pieces of stone can be found in the walls suggesting builders used some of the waste stone from Tewkesbury Abbey.

The church features a long nave having walls that lean outwards, reminiscent in shape a ship's hull. This feature is interpreted as a reference to St Nicholas being the patron saint of seamen. During the 13th century the north aisle was added, followed by a the pinnacled tower in the 14th century.

The oak wood rood screen dividing the sanctuary from the nave dates from the 15th century. The existence of such an ancient screen is rare as many were destroyed in Cromwellian times.

Details of services, activities, and more details of the history of the church can be found on the church website.


Detail on the Font cover.


St Nicholas church in rose season.

Churchyard stocks replaced by the American forces.