Ashchurch Rural Parish Council (ARPC) continues to recognise residents’ mobility issues within the parish as a result of a major reduction of public transport and the potential for isolation that this situation could bring about.

ARPC wishes to assist those eligible residents having mobility difficulties within the parish by continuing our transport voucher scheme.

The voucher scheme will provide an initial allocation of vouchers to the value of £150.00 per person per year. The vouchers can be redeemed as full or part payment with local taxi and transportation organisations (see list of approved transport providers). If required, applicants may reapply for additional vouchers up to a maximum value of £75 within the existing year’s allocation.

ARPC’s criteria for eligible residents are as follows:

  • registered on the electoral role within Ashchurch Rural Parish;
  • have no or very limited access to a motor vehicle and who are reliant upon public transport, taxis or lifts
  • have a lack of personal mobility by virtue of two* of the ‘Protected Characteristics’ under the Equality Act 2010, (*disability or age, including age related disability)


To apply to join the voucher scheme please get in touch with The Clerk, for details of how to do this see the Contact Us page.


Residents applying for the voucher scheme must complete and sign an application form confirming they meet all of ARPC’s criteria and return it to The Clerk, Ashchurch Rural Parish Council for consideration by members of ARPC, (this process may involve a visit by a local Parish Councillor).

It is the responsibility of any resident in receipt of vouchers under the scheme to inform ARPC should they have a change in circumstances. Failure to do so could result in a request for the return of any unused vouchers and/or their cancellation and the refusal of any future applications.